Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Christmas is coming!
Get excited! Get very excited! 
Honestly, to me Christmas is the best time of the year. The lights, the snow, the decorations, and the spirit. Even if I've been stressed or I'm just having a bad week, as soon as I see Christmas stuff anywhere I brighten up.
 Even though it's only October 30th, I'm ready. Bring on stuffing, pies, family, and presents! Some reason Christmas is awesome for me is because my family comes into town! Most of my family lives pretty far from here, so when the holidays roll around we all get together. We all have dinners together and give out warm hugs and sweet kisses!
Although sometimes holidays can be stressful, I welcome it. My mom usually freaks out about what food to make, what Christmas card to send out, and presents to buy. However, for me the holidays are nothing but fun for me. Nothing says fun quite like breaking out the Christmas tree, fake or real, and hanging the ornaments on it. & nothing is more important than family during the holidays.
How do you feel about Christmas? Tell me what you do and what you love about it. Leave a comment below!

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