Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The new One Direction song came out! 
I wouldn't call myself a crazy fan, aka Directioner, but I do find myself swooning over these 5 handsome guys from time to time. Something about their sweet accents and their beautiful, yet impossibly perfect, hair makes me double take. Their voices are actually pretty amazing, considering that some would call them an annoying boy band. 
These guys have got me falling, and this song is the fluffy cloud I landed on. It came out a few days ago and it's got my finger stuck to the replay button. The song is about a guy, obviously, who is exhausted with trying to chase the girl he loves. He starts off upset and almost over it, and then he just makes himself fall even further in love as he talks about her. All guys can relate, and all girls will relate too. I mean, we've all played hard to get at least once right? 
Leave a comment below, tell me how you feel about the song, the boys, and any stories you might have that help you relate!

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